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4 Types of Resumes: Which One Should You Use? 🤔

What’s in a resume? Your name, your work experiences, your skills…voila! You got yourself a resume! Actually, there’s a little more to it than that. Depending on what you want your future employers to see first, it helps to know what type of resume you should use. Here are the four most common types of resumes.

1. Chronological

This is the most common type of resume because it lists your professional and educational history starting from your most recent position. Employers often prefer this format because it lists down what jobs you’ve worked in and when.

If you have a long and strong career history, this type of resume is for you!

2. Functional

This type of resume focuses more on your experiences and skills over your history. By focusing on these aspects of your career, it helps employers see how qualified you are for a job.

If you’re new to the workforce, are changing careers, or have gaps in your work history, this type of resume is for you!

3. Hybrid/Combination

This type of resume is a mix of the first two: It lists your skills first, then your history. A hybrid or combination resume is ideal if you want to highlight your qualifications, at the same time giving employers what they need to know about your history.

4. Targeted

A targeted resume is a type of resume that is customized to a specific role you’re applying to. This may take more work because it will have you look through every job posting and highlight skills relevant to it. And if you’re applying to more than one dream job, it may take more than one resume!

With Wordsmith Resume, you can create a dream resume for your dream job. We make sure every resume sets the stage to highlight each of our client’s best qualities. Call us now to get started!

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